Yoga with Jeanne - Gentle Kripalu Yoga with Jeanne Thornton, RYT, MSW

Jeanne Thornton, RYT, has
taught gentle yoga in the Kripalu
tradition since the late 1990's. This is a gentle,inward focused style of hatha yoga, inviting the practitioner to be mindful and compassionate with self. Classes are offered at two locations in Littleton, three mornings and one evening each week.  Jeanne also offers workshops, Wise Woman retreats and private instruction.

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR A SCHEDULE OF CURRENT CLASSES and visit the Events page for notification of upcoming workshops and retreats as they are scheduled in upcoming months

With every class, Jeanne offers a unique theme, weaving instruction in the practice of mindful asana (movement/postures),  pranayama (breathing techniques), Ayurveda, yogic philosophy and teachings from many wisdom traditions.  The invitation in every class is to arrive on our mats in Beginner'sMind, accepting our bodies and our lives just as they are in this moment.  Our practice then naturally extends to life "off the mat" to which we bring the same intentions of non-judgment, compassion and freedom from expectations. This is the philosophy of Kripalu style yoga, which is sometimes referred to as the "Yoga of Compassion".
"I came to class to learn 'proper alignment' in the poses. What I ended up learning was more about proper alignment of my heart and spirit."
                                                                                                        --a Kripalu student
"Jeanne offers an approach to yoga that gives you pause for reflection in your everyday world.  Her classes introduce the wisdom of the sages that suggests we be more of who we are. 
The asanas are gentle, restorative and non-competitive.  Each participant is encouraged to honor her or his body and to respect its limitations.  I'd recommend these classes for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners."
                                                                 --Student Testimonial
"Jeanne's retreats are amazing. I look forward to the next one the day
 after each retreat ends!  Her retreats ground me, give me strength and
 joy.  I would go anywhere to attend them~it's the very best gift I give
                                                                   ~ Patty (9 retreats, so far!)



MONDAY, TUESDAY and FRIDAY mornings (9:30-11:00 a.m.) ON-GOING CLASSES.  Students who attend these classes will be notified by email if a given class is cancelled for some reason. If you are attending for the first time, call or text Jeanne to make sure class is being held as scheduled.

Location:  Columbine United Church
6375 S. Platte Canyon Rd., Littleton                
Cost: Every class is a $14 drop-in (cash or check) for every student   

Please Note:  Enter double doors on north side.  Arrive before 9:30 as these doors will be locked at that time. 
WEDNESDAY evenings (6:00-7:15 p.m.)
Location:  Kosha Yoga Center 
Woodlawn Center  
1500 W. Littleton Blvd @ Windermere, inside mall hallway
On-going instruction in the foundational principles and
practices of gentle, mindful Kripalu-style hatha yoga.
Visit for information regarding payment options and to PRE-REGISTER for classes and workshops

Available by arrangement     CALL 720-979-8061 or email Jeanne to discuss
Want to jumpstart your yoga knowledge before joining a group class?  Or, do you feel the need for a few "refresher" sessions or a personalized posture clinic? Are you healing from illness or injury and perhaps just want some gentle yoga guidance, specific for your unique needs?
Jeanne offers private sessions in your home or at another convenient location~fees vary, dependent upon arrangements. 

Just email Jeanne at or call 720-979-8061


Jeanne is also a certified LIFE-CYCLE CELEBRANT, a specialist in creating personalized, deeply meaningful ceremony to augment individual's or groups' special celebrations and/or times of honoring important life-transitions such as retirement, milestone birthdays, coming-of-age, anniversaries, divorce, and the transitions of aging. Bring the powerful experience mindful, uniquely-crafted ceremony and your personally chosen rituals into your next mile-marker celebration or acknowledgment of something significant unfolding in your life or that of someone you love (including coming-of-age for a teen, retirement, divorce, house-warming, mother-blessing (for expectant mom), christening, naming ceremony and entering into one's"wisdom years").

Please Visit

for much more information about Jeanne's celebrancy practice and how you can explore bringing the gift of ceremony and meaningful storytelling into your upcoming celebration.

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