Yoga with Jeanne - Gentle Kripalu Yoga with Jeanne Thornton, RYT, MSW
The following comments are from a few of
Jeanne's awesome students.
It's a mutual admiration society!  

"I've never felt so inspired and so compelled to do yoga.
Jeanne has been such a gift!"

"Jeanne connects the dots and brings meaning to the practice."

I wish I could express how my life has been enriched by our yoga classes. Through
you I have learned about so many things, just some of which are: yoga as spiritual
practice; chakras-mudras-mantras; poets such as William Stafford, David Whyte,
and John O'Donohue; serendipity; gong baths, and psychologist Rick Hanson.

I realize what a blessing you are Jeanne. Thank you for your ministry to us.
                                                                                                                         Cheryl M.

“I often awake in the morning, feeling the burden of the day ahead.  I focus on getting
 ready for the 9:30 a.m. yoga class, and 1 1/2 hours later, when I leave class, I feel
 physically and mentally ready for whatever the day may bring.  I don't exactly know
 what the practice of yoga brings, but I know I love being with a group of like-minded
 women who see life as a journey which provides continued chances for personal
 growth and learning.  Jeanne leads us through stretches and yoga poses, and
 guides us to explore universal themes about the joys and challenges of being
 human. After each class, I feel calmer in body and mind and closer to living a
 healthier and more peaceful life!” 
"I've cleaned my pots and have them proudly displayed...What an awesome
 weekend.  I will always enjoy spending time with women who are so insightful,
 caring, energetic, fun, funny~each one bringing something unique.
 I enjoyed the mix of yoga, being outdoors, the fun and fire of pottery
 and our wonderful surroundings.  The Inn was perfect...and the themes are always
 inspiring and end up being a moving, learning and growing experience.  When are
 we going to do it again?"
                                                                          Barb (Into the Fire Retreat)
"Jeanne's honest, caring manner and calm way of teaching brought me back
to yoga.  I love her class! It's my mid-week treat."

"I have been a student of Jeanne's for ten years and during that time, she has
 stretched both my mind and my body. Her teaching techniques are far reaching--
from lessons on the Yoga Sutras to Tibetan bowls to chanting mantras. Each week,
she offers a different mind/body focus, keeping us connected to breath and
body and our practice develops from that day's special readings.
Jeanne is my yogini--teaching me a complete approach to integrating body, mind
and spirit."

"Jeanne's retreats are always a place/time for me to rejuvenate and discover more
about myself.  I always find a way to get where I need to be."
          "I have attended classes with Jeanne for 16 years at many
          different locations, regardless of whether or not the
          times or locations were convenient to me.  Why?  
           with exactly the class I need on any given day."

         A note from Jeanne: "Love, love, love being with these yoginis!"
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